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All the items in our Friends Web Store have been custom designed for us. Profits from these sales are dedicated to our non-profit projects in Red Rock Canyon NCA.

Friends of Red Rock Hats

Hit the trail or run weekend errands with this hat! Celebrate the Friends of Red Rock Canyon’s new brand by rocking this hat on all of your adventures.

Lightweight. Easy to clean. Adjustable closure.

One size fits most.

Seekers, Saints & Scoundrels – The Colorful Characters of Red Rock Canyon

Starting with the first Europeans to visit Red Rock Canyon and ending with current day, the history of the area has been as colorful as the rocks of the Canyon. Read about the rich history of Oliver Ranch, the life of Spring Mountain Ranch and about some of the most unique characters who called the area home.

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Other ways to Support Us

You can also get a Friends of Red Rock license plate and/or make a donation. Both options are set up below:

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