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As long as there have been horses and burros in the Red Rock Canyon area, humans have used these steeds to explore and assist with settling the west. Now equines are primarily a means to enjoy and explore the wildernesses and relive a feeling of our pioneer past. Horseback riding is limited to designated equestrian trails within Red Rock Canyon. The trails can be accessed form four main trailhead and parking areas utilized by equestrian riders: 

• Cottonwood/Late Night Trailheads off of State Route 160, approximately four miles west of the State Routes 159/160 intersections (Cottonwood Valley Trails System)

• Exit of the 13-Mile Scenic Drive, two miles west of the entrance on State Route 159 (Scenic Drive Trails)

• White Rock parking area, located off of the 13-Mile Scenic Drive (Scenic Drive Trails)

• Mile maker 12 on Kyle Canyon Road/State Route 157 (Twilight Zone Trails)

Visitors wishing to explore Red Rock Canyon on horseback, whether they bring their own horses or take advantage of the permitted guided equestrian tours, need to be aware and follow some simple rules. Suggestions specifically for horse use can be found at

Don’t have a horse? You’re in luck!

Red Rock Canyon has several permitted tour guides who can help you explore in a unique and exciting way. Novice to experienced riders are welcome to participate. Click here.