Nevada License plates

We are working today to protect tomorrow.

You can help us to meet our goals and mission to preserve and enhance this natural resource by purchasing a Red Rock Canyon license plate. Get Yours Today! 

 If you already have the plate, please continue to renew. We thank you for your support.

About the Plate

Friends of Red Rock Canyon obtained the right to a charitable license plate in May 2008. We are very fortunate to have this significant revenue source as it provides the majority of our income. We continually promote the plate to increase sales so that Friends can continue to maintain and increase our ability to fund projects at Red Rock Canyon.

Income from license plate sales and renewals is used to:

  • Fund Transportation Grants (bus) to bring at-risk schoolchildren to the Rock for field trips so can learn about conservation of national lands.
  • Provide supplies, equipment and materials to care for the resident “Rock Stars”, the nine desert tortoises – Hugo, Max, Betty, Lucie, Libby, Mae, Shelby, Willie and Rosie.
  • Purchase equipment, supplies and any other materials needed for the unfortunate task of graffiti removal throughout Red Rock Canyon.
  • Provide the same as above to support our volunteers who maintain and improve the 60+ miles of trails.
  • Fund training programs such as CPR and First Aid for Friends members and volunteers.
  • Provide funds for community volunteer work days, including equipment, supplies and meals.  These include Make a Difference Day, National Public Lands Day, Red Rock Day and others.
  • Provide funding necessary for major projects involving capital improvements throughout Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.


Friends of Red Rock Canyon are fortunate to have a charitable license plate that provides the majority of our income.  We hope the following information helps you decide to support Friends of Red Rock Canyon by purchasing the Red Rock Canyon plate.

What does the license plate cost?

The cost for exchanging an existing plate is $61 plus a $5 plate change fee. Renewing the plate is an additional $30.  Friends of Red Rock Canyon receives $25 the first year you have the plate and $20 for each year you renew.

Is my purchase tax deductible?

Yes. Your first year’s tax deduction is $25 and subsequent renewals are $20.

How do I get the plate?

You must go to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for your initial purchase. Renewals are easily completed on-line. You don’t have to wait until your current plate expires. Just take your existing plates and a copy of your current registration to the DMV and get the Red Rock Canyon plates.  You won’t need a smog check. More information is available at the Nevada DMV website –

What is the money used for (that Friends receives)?

Income provided by plate sales pays for major programs such as: transportation grants to bring students of  at-risk schools to Red Rock Canyon for educational field trips; community volunteer events, such as National Public Lands Day, Make a Difference Day, and Red Rock Canyon Day; graffiti removal as well as Red Rock Canyon trail maintenance and improvement.

The portion of your license plate purchase also funds other important projects such as costs to provide care for nine tortoises and maintain the tortoise habitat as well as costs to maintain native plants and landscaping in the Visitor Center complex and surrounding areas.  Friends also purchase pet waste collection bags – not a glamorous expense but one that helps keep our trails clean.

I have a motorcycle, can I still get a Red Rock Canyon plate?

Absolutely. The cost is slightly lower ($.50 less) for the motorcycle plate.

Can I get personalized Red Rock Canyon plates?

Yes. A combination of up to 5 letters or numbers is possible on the automobile plate and 4 numbers or letters on the motorcycle plate.  The first year’s fees are an additional $96; subsequent renewal fees are $50. Friends of Red Rock Canyon receives $25 the first year you have a personalized plate and $20 for each year you renew. More information is available at:

I’m really busy and don’t have time to go to the DMV. Can someone from Friends go in my place?

Unfortunately, we can’t do this as you need to sign legal documents.