The Rock Stars of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

One of the most popular volunteer positions – and visitor attractions – at Red Rock Canyon is the Desert Tortoise Habitat, home of the nine resident Rock Stars. The habitat, established in 1995, has provided education and entertainment to well over a million visitors.

Friends of Red Rock Canyon provides the funding to support the “Kids” in the habitat, ranging from the blue booties to the delicious and nutritious Tort Chow. We also pay for annual medical exams to keep the kids healthy.

The kids are fed on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and enjoy Spa Day on Monday.  They tend to head back into their burrows early to avoid the summer heat.

What is Spa Day? Each tort has a designated soaking bin that we fill with a few inches of water. The biweekly soaking helps keep the torts hydrated plus they really seem to enjoy it.

Tort Medical Fund Donation

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